For your convenience, the Optiguard website uses cookies and similar technologies, among others to adjust the website to the needs of its users, and for statistical purposes.

What are cookie files?

Cookies are small text files sent from the websites visited by the user to the personal computer of the Internet user. Cookies are also used by the websites we make reference to, e.g. multimedia websites.

What kind of cookies do we use?

The Optiguard website uses performance cookies, i.e. the ones used to collect data on the method of using the website, in order to improve its operation, and functional cookies, which make it possible to 'remember' user settings (e.g. language or font size). The cookie files used by the Optiguard website are processed solely for the purposes below:

  • cookies - statistics for the Optiguard website;
  • session cookies (expire, when the session ends) that contain the following information: 
  • on screen messages displayed for the user in interactive elements, such as forms;
  • displayed banners that show up only once;
  • logging of the user to the website's panel.

Optiguard allows other entities to use the cookie mechanism on their website. They include, among other, entities that provide social plugins, particularly Facebook and YouTube.

It is possible to change cookie settings in the browser. If such settings are not changed, it means that the cookies used on the website are accepted.

How do I disable cookies in my browser?

How do I disable cookies in mobile equipment?

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