Security is the highest value today. To provide it and at the same time let customers do the necessary purchases, we have created an EyeCounter DS customer counter that:

  • controls the number of people in the store,
  • counts entries and exits,
  • informs about the current quantity of people staying in the facility,
  • prevents the safe limit from being exceeded in a confined space.

A simple way to ensure the safety of your customers and employees and to gain consumer trust.


How does it work?

We place a very simple camera on the entrance to the building.

The camera analyzes the movement and determines the current numer of people in the store – skip objects such as carts etc.

Information about the numer of people is displayed on the monitor. Customers get a clear message if its safe for tchem to complete their shopping.


    – of consumers and store employees
    – make the necessary purchases without fear of excessive crowds
    – the customer will trust the seller who cares about his safet
  • ADDITIONAL ADVERTISING SPACE - the monitor space can be used for any messages

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